GALLERY: Seagate GoFlex Satellite Mobile Wireless Storage, new Thunderbolt adapter

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Seagate has used CES to show off its GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage device, which lets you stream movies and other files to any device wirelessly. This means, in effect, you can watch a HD movie from your iPad if you carry this around with you.

Seagate has partnered up with Verizon Wireless to show off a 4G LTE version of this, so you can access this via a celluar network rather than standard Wi-Fi. Gallery is below.

And Seagate has used this to announce a brand new Thunderbolt adapter for its GoFlex and GoFlex Desk external hard drives. This will let these drives use the new technology that is slowly gaining traction thanks to its addition on Apple computers. The GoFlex Thunderbolt adapter will be out in Q1, while the GoFlex Desk adapter will be out in the second half of the year.

Gallery is below.