New Sennheiser headphones enhance your audio experience

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Sennheiser has bought out brand new headphones at CES 2012. The HD 25 Amperior and the HD 700 are both quite expensive but offer great sound quality. The Amperior has an aluminum casing which is either blue or silver in colour, microfiber ear pads and a fully extendable head band for maximum comfort. It has a detachable microphone and inline controls. According to The Verge, the music was “puncy and loud” and the audio quality was “pretty impressive”.

The HD 700’s are higher end headphones which has a headlining feature of its vented magnet system. Which manages the air flow to prevent unwanted resonance or “turbulence”. The headphones shouldn’t be used with any old device as Sennheiser recommends you use a amplifier as any old device doesn’t provide power. The Verge has said they prefer the HD 25’s as they provide more “oomph”.

Source: The Verge