Sony Walkman Z: an iPod touch competitor and a worthy Walkman?

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The iPod touch may finally have a competitor in the multimedia space, with Sony today announcing the Walkman Z at their CES 2012 keynote.

The Sony Walkman Z has a 4.3 inch touch screen with a 800 x 480 resolution, but sadly runs Android 2.3, meaning it’s already out of date before it’s even made available. It’s expected to arrive in mid-2012, in the US, but an Australian date and price has yet to be revealed. Based on US prices, it’s a fair bit pricer at US$249 compared to the 8GB iPod touch which is US$199.  Meanwhile the 16GB ($279), and 32GB ($329) models are also pricer, and there is no 64GB option.

Android is fully licenced and has all of the official Google applications. Sony also added a number of their services, such as Music Unlimited. The music application is also heavily customized with SenseMe channels, based on your mood, and a truckload of music enhancement technologies. You also get EX-HP in-ear headphones, which is a much better set than what Apple includes. It also has an FM radio, HDMI output, Bluetooth and DLNA streaming.

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