The ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ from Canonical is actually an Ubuntu-based connected TV prototype

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Canonical has revealed the subject for their soon to be revealed ‘Ubuntu Concept Design’ to BBC News.

Jane Silber, Canonical CEO, told the BBC that the Ubuntu-based television prototype will be shown during next weeks CES 2012 conference.

This year’s CES is the first time that there has been a Canonical booth and they’re not going to be wasting any of that space, with a number of laptops and netbooks as well as this new Ubuntu TV project.

“It’s a very large show and that has pros and cons. On the downside it is easy to get lost in the noise. But on the upside it’s fundamentally an industry event,” Silber told the BBC.

“And it is a pivotal one as manufacturers use it to plan their product launches for the coming year.”

All we can do now is speculate what is in store for the Ubuntu Television software, but if it arrives soon it’ll be great timing. The smart TV sector yet to truly take off, unlike mobile and tablet devices where a handheld Ubuntu OS may not have worked well competing with iOS, Android and Windows 8.

Either way, you’ll be able to find all the details and pictures of the design concept right here on as it becomes available.