2011 – A Year of Many Things: A recap of the big events of the year

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Executive Editor – Terence Huynh
Senior Editor – Stewart Wilson, Adrian Cajili
Senior Associate Editor – Tom Solari, James Wilson
Associate Editor – Chris Southcott, Gabriel Huynh
Contributing Editor – Nicholas Munro, Ashton Bernard

Plus, thanks to Mark Caetano, Harley McEvoy, Ticky, a bunch of Stewart’s friends, Liam Frappel, Dave Barranquero, Matt Rossi and Tom Wood who joined us on TECHGEEK Weekly this year. I also thank those who participated on our Steve Jobs’ tribute episode – Dan Ilic, Stilgherrian, Mark Pesce, Trever Long, Daniel Elias, Anthony Agius, Jason Cartwright and Aaron Holesgrove.

It is a little tidbit, but techgeek.com.au will be celebrating five years. Our history is a bit checkered. We started off hosting on a bit of space Stewart gave to us, before we moved to our current home. Soon after, we acquired the .com.au domain name – and now, we are working our butts off to continue to inform you of the latest gadgets, and how to use that gadget. Plus, we always love to hear what you readers have to say on a particular topic.

Stewart and I have been on the site for all these years, and on behalf of the team, I also say thanks to guest writers David Clarke, Chris Martin and Jeremy Liu for their contributions over the past few years. In addition, we also thank our past and present contributors to the site for getting us where we are today.

But most importantly, we say thanks to you, the readers. Without you, we wouldn’t have an audience to share our little rants about Optus.

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