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Gone Viral: Friday – an instant success amongst the haters

In what can be called the worst song in the world, you cannot deny that this very song describes what a viral video is. Hilariously awful lyrics, annoying pop backing music and a crappy video (and yes, turns out 10 year old kids can drive in Los Angeles) – it can only describe one thing. Friday by Rebecca Black.

The video attracted everyone – lovers and haters alike. Those who liked the video bought the song and helped it to reach a top 20 placement in the iTunes Store’s chart, and also in the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at 58). The haters, however, also managed to make her video that most disliked video ever on YouTube, beating Justin Bieber’s “Baby”. The song had over 3 million “dislikes” before being pulled down by record label Ark Music.

The popularity of the song – whether you hate it or love it – was also able to see the song covered twice. The television show Glee produced their own version, in addition to comedians Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon. And like all good (though, that is highly questionable) things, it has had legal problems. More importantly, who owns the rights to the song. Both Black’s family and Ark Music claim ownership of the song. The dispute emerged after Ark Music was selling a ringtone and charging $2.99 to see the video. Rebecca Black then took down Ark Music’s video and then republished it under her own official channel.

Despite the issues and the negative criticism, she is still continuing her career in music. She has now started her own recording label and has released two more songs: “My Moment” and “Person of Interest” – both also getting negative reviews though not as viral as Friday. Telstra even brought her down to Australia, to a bunch of screaming fans singing along, to promote their 4G network in Sydney. Yes, apparently, she’s the face of the very fast internet speeds you can expect with 4G.

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