PlayStation Vita sales drop considerably during first week in Japan

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The PlayStation Vita, which came out on December 17 in Japan, has already seen a considerable drop in sales numbers just days after release. While the 3DS also had a difficult time gaining traction, the Vita lost a much larger amount of sales in the first week. After selling 321 000 units in its first two days of availability, the rest of the week from December 21 to Christmas Day saw only 72 500 units sell.

While this drop could be linked to the reported bugs and glitches with the console or the shortages in stores, it might start looking grim if sales fall any more than they already have. It might also be a sign that consumers are over dedicated gaming systems and would rather a multifunction device.

The PlayStation Vita will launch in Australia on February 23 in 2012 (I’ve pre-ordered mine), so let’s hope that Sony’s new console has a better launch internationally. Let us know in the comments if you’ve pre-ordered or not and why.