$25 computer Raspberry Pi to launch next month

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Tom’s favourite gadget – if you haven’t heard it from his Gadgetlyst Bytes show – is the Raspberry Pi. And now, it has a release date. Yes, the company has announced in an interview to a British magazine that the $25 computer board will be released.

In an interview with Edge, David Braben, the head of the foundation producing it, says that 10,000 units will be initially made available via the website next month. “At the moment we’re appealing to techy people because we want people to give their time for free, writing software and improving things, porting them from other places, and putting them into the public domain, essentially, so we can use them for education,” he said in the interview.

Despite the small size, the computer is surprisingly powerful in terms of graphics performance – able to play Quake III Arena easily.

Braben hopes for a consumer release sometime next year.

Source: BGR