Songl free trials extended to January 2012, major label missing and official launch still coming

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Songl, Sony and Universal’s new browser-based and iOS and Android compatible streaming service, has today sent out an email to all members letting them know that their 30 day free trial, which would’ve expired soon, if not already, has been extended to the 31st of January, 2012 as a holiday gesture, or more likely because the site is yet to officially launch and could easily be described as beta.

As well as being unlaunched, which means the service can be buggy, Songl also lacks a major Label, according to the email, and some tracks are missing because of this. Songl are working daily to get the license for a major label, according to the email, but the label in question is not named. It’s a good reason to extend the trial.

Based on what I cannot find on Songl, my guess for the missing Label is Warner Music Group, but because of the large variety of missing music I cannot be entirely sure until I get official confirmation.

Current users have already had their account topped up with the extra month and a bit and anyone who wants to join can get a code from the Songl Facebook page. You can then listen to whatever is available with either a browser, Sonos or iPhone or Android app for 30 days, and then pay $8.99 for just browser streaming or $12.99 for the whole package with browser, mobile (iOS and Android) and Sonos streaming.

When the service finally launches, you can be sure we’ll give it a test drive and possibly a review right here on