ChromiumOS Lime can turn your netbook into an almost real Chromebook

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With Chrome OS’ voyage to Australia looking grim, Australian fans of the web-only OS might have to put on a braveface and start looking elsewhere. But if you still need to taste Chrome OS you might be in luck thanks to a new project from Liam McLoughlin, or as he’s known on the internet Hexxeh.

The young developer has just released Chromium OS Lime, a customisation of the open source version of Chrome OS, which supports more Wi-Fi adapters and NVIDIA 6 series and newer GPU’s. The PAE kernel requirement is also gone and Java is fully supported. Hexxeh also promises more plugins soon. It’s more compatible than other projects that try to bring the OS to other computers and also updates just as much as the non-customised version.

While you may not get the same boot speeds or compatibility as an official Chromebook, the version Hexxeh has made available will definately please those looking for a web-only netbook. If you bought a netbook and have no use for it, you might want to give Chromium OS Lime a go right here. If you’re not sure about compatibility you try it from a USB too.