BARGAIN HUNTER: Forza Motorsport 4 for $60

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Some retailers, like EB Games, are selling this game for $99.00 or even more. But in another Bargain Hunter post, we’ve found the very same game on sale for a cheaper price than what EB Games are selling it for. How about $88.00, or even better $59.95?

GAME is selling the game for only $88.00 – which is $11 off the EB Games price. However, still looking to go a bit lower than that? is selling this game at a very low price of $59.95. Yes, $39 off the price. You’re saving a lot more money.

But, how good is the game? Well, Chris Southcott did a review of the game. Here’s a little excerpt:

Forza 4 is one of those rare gems when it comes to gameplay. The racing can be fun and challenging and it has a great amount realism when it comes to turning and handling. The cars each have a different, real weight, which doesn’t always come across in other racing games.

Mwave, however, notes that it is in very limited stock, so you should hurry and get it now.