Samsung: No plan to release the SERIES 5 Chromebook in Australia at this stage

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If you’ve been looking at the Chromebook as a good Christmas gift for youself or someone else you might want to look elsewhere. Samsung yesterday tweeted to me that they, despite previous plans to release a Chromebook in Australia, now have no plans to do so “at this stage.” This basically means no.

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With word that Google’s Chrome OS experiment has failed, thanks to bad sales figures, this is another blow to the OS. Not only are there no official Chromebooks available in Australia at the moment, but one of the two big producers has pulled out of the country. Google has also slashed the prices of the products in an attempt to win back customers but the notebooks, which are nothing more than glorified web browsers, are still to expensive compared to netbooks and tablet computers.

While Australia was expected to get the web-only notebook before Christmas, the chance of that happening is appearing slim, especially when Asus hasn’t announced any news at this stage either.