BlackBerry users can now charge their apps to their Telstra bill

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RIM has announced that Telstra BlackBerry users can now put their app and in-app purchases to their monthly phone bill, rather than purchasing them via PayPal or credit card methods. That way, users can get the app instantly and pay it in one go with their monthly fee for mobile service.

In order to make it the default option, you have to do the following:

  1. Go to BlackBerry App World, and click Payment Options. Then, log in to your BlackBerry account.
  2. Select the “Bill through Telstra” option, then click next

Now, you’ll be able to purchase the app through your phone bill. That simple.

Though, we should tell you should be careful on what you spend on applications. You don’t want to have a massive bill because you were stupid to purchase Angry Birds and its add-ons. I much prefer the iOS method where you can have a certain amount of money as credit.