Apple announces iCloud is coming October 13. Get your umbrella ready

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Apple has just announced that their iCloud service will be going live for all iOS 5 users on October 13 (October 12 US time).

Not much has changed since it’s original announcement. However it has been officially revealed that iCloud will come with 5GB of free storage.

As seen at WWDC, iCloud will sync Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Documents and Photos to OS X and iOS. It will also be included in iTunes 10.5 which will sync Apps and Books between devices.

With the iOS 5 beta music sync has only been available in the US but will be coming to other countries, including Australia, very soon. Hopefully the Australian availability of iTunes music sync comes October 13, but there are no official details yet.

After the break is a new iCloud video which was shown at the Apple event today.