RECAP: Amazon revamps its Kindle lineup, announces US$199 tablet

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RECAP: Amazon earlier in the night announced a revamp of its Amazon Kindle lineup with significant price drops and the launch of a US$199 tablet that has positioned it as a serious competitor towards the Apple iPad.

  • Amazon Kindle gets a revamp that will see slimmer, smaller and dropping the keyboard. It will be available in Wi-Fi only for US$79 with ads or US$109 with no ads. International users will only get the no-ads version.
  • Introducing the Amazon Kindle Touch. Similar to the Kindle, it also features a touchscreen that allows multi-touch gestures. It comes in Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G. The Wi-Fi version costs US$99 with ads or US$139 without ads; while the Wi-Fi + 3G will cost US$149 with ads or US$189 without ads. It is only available for the United States
  • The previous generation Kindle will be renamed the “Kindle Keyboard”, and will remain accessible for international users.
  • The Kindle Fire exists, allowing Amazon to push its entire multimedia offerings. Hardware includes 8GB of storage and a 7-inch display. It looks like the BlackBerry Playbook and runs Google Android. Amazon is selling this very cheap at US$199, significantly lower than the iPad, and will be only available outside the United States.