Amazon updates the Kindle, ditches the keyboard and drops price to US$79/$109

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Amazon has announced an update to its popular Kindle eBook reader that will see it smaller and slimmer. In addition, the new Kindle has had a price reduction of either US$79 or US$109 depending if you choose it with its “Special Offers” program.

The screen is still a 6-inch E-Ink display, but the size has been cut down as it axed the keyboard and replaced it with a set of buttons on the bottom, and the traditional next and previous buttons on the two sides – so if you are left-handed, you can still use this device. The device also features 2GB of internal storage.

The previous Kindle model now becomes the “Kindle Keyboard” and will be priced at the same range as the next version up, the Kindle touch. Because of that, this new revamped Kindle now only comes in Wi-Fi, while the Touch and Keyboard will have either a 3G or Wi-Fi product.

Outside of the United States, like us, we are only able to get the non-Special Officers product, which costs US$109.

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