Amazon press conference is happening September 28th AEST, probably for rumoured Kindle tablet

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A number of news websites, such as This Is My Next and the Wall Street Journal, have recieved email invitations to an Amazon press conference. While the invite is very non-specific about what’s going to happen at the conference, we’re expecting the announcement of the long awaited Amazon Kindle tablet or just another Kindle.

The conference will be happening at Midnight on Wednesday September 28 AEST.

The tablet, which has been rumoured for months, will be a major competitor to the iPad. The speculation suggests it’ll be US$250 for a 7″ Android-based tablet and sadly won’t use E-Ink. It’s also expected to integrate Amazon services, like Kindle, the Android App Store and other products.

There may be a tablet, Kindle or both but remember, you can check out all the coverage right here at Unless you like sleep.