Minecraft 1.8 Leaked

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So a couple of days before the official release of Minecraft 1.8, it has been leaked. Not only has it been leaked, but notch, the creator of Minecraft, has said he doesn’t mind people playing with it. Minecraft 1.8 was set to be the big “Adventure Update” with many new features like many new crafting recipes, mobs,  Food System, combat mechanics and more (full list here).

If you want early access to the Adventure update, you can download it here or the server here. These downloads are directly from the Minecraft servers meaning they are official versions not some virus infested 1.3 release! Also notch has said that if you play with the leaked 1.8, he would like any bugs you find to be reported to them.

There has also been a post in the Minecraft Forums by Opeth, a Minecraft bug tester, outlining the situation surrounding the leaked 1.8. The post contains download link for both 1.8 and server, how to install 1.8 and how to report bugs. Time to go and find bugs!