Gamescom 2011: Budget PSP coming for $139.95, sans Wi-Fi

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Just in case the first four PSP SKU’s didn’t meet your needs, Sony has announced a new, budget PSP model that is exclusive to Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

The PSP E1000 is fully compatible with every PSP game and will be coming for a tasty $139.95. But the budget price comes with it’s disadvantages. The biggest change with this SKU is the lack of a Wi-Fi connection. This means that the PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store and Ad-Hoc gaming will be 100% gone in this model. We’re guessing you will still be able to use the Media Go! PC software to transfer games to the new PSP and it fully supports UMD’s. But it’s still a little disappointing that Sony removed Wi-Fi to decrease the price.

A release date is yet to be announced, but I’d recommend saving up for the PlayStation Vita which is coming in 2012.