Google gives Gmail a two-pane view, kills Google Dictionary and revamps Google Docs

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Image: keso/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Google has continued to revamp and refine their product lineup this week in a bid to bring their services closer together.

Firstly, they’ve added a two-pane view, which they call Preview Pane, to Gmail Labs. If you don’t already know, a two-pane view allows you to read emails without leaving the page, as seen below.

Gmail's new two-pane view

This is far from revolutionary as Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo Mail have had it for years. But it’s still a good sign that Google is far from finished improving Gmail.

To enable the feature just go to Gmail Labs here¬†and turn on “Preview Pane”.

The same day Google also revamped the Documents view in Google Docs, giving their Microsoft Office-competitor a Google+-style colour scheme. It’s cleaner, but I still find Google Docs viewer to be the worst part of the usually good service.

And last, and least, Google has killed a product I didn’t even know about. Google Dictionary served it’s last definitions yesterday and was silently turned off. You can still find definitions with Google Search by searching “Define <word>”. It is a bit worrying to see two Google services shut-down in two weeks, but hopefully the resources can be focused on something more useful.

It also looks like it’s only a matter of time before Google Picasa gets it’s makeover, and possibly a rename.

So, what did you like or dislike most about the Google updates, and murders, this week? Tell us in the comments. We don’t bite.