ALDI Selling Hard Drives with Free Conficker

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ALDI today withdrew one of their products from sale because it was found to have contained the three year old Conficker virus, which was known for cracking the Administrator passwords on Windows machines and forming a bot-net.

The Fission External 4-in-1 hard drive, DVD, USB and card reader device is the culprit which was removed off the shelves this morning. This lead to AusCERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) issuing a security alert users on behalf of the government. AusCERT noted that this virus is ‘old’ and should be picked up by anti-virus.

ALDI also released a statement telling users that “a full reformat” would remove Conficker off the drives. They also noted that customers could return the Fission 4-in-1 device to the store they bought it from for a full refund.