Windows Phone 7 apps now cheaper in Australia

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Good news for Windows Phone 7 users. The apps on the Marketplace are now cheaper and almost on par with US pricing. This update comes after Apple’s decision to change their pricing also, so a bit of competition is in the air. Australian users will now see their $1.18 AUD apps, only 99c AUD. Other pricing tiers have also changed, check those out after the break.

The new pricing for the Australian WP7 Marketplace are:

US$0.99 apps now AU$0.99 (was AU$1.18)
US$1.29 apps still AU$1.49
US$1.99 apps now AU$2.49 (was AU$2.73)
US$2.99 apps now AU$3.49 (was AU$3.64)
US$4.99 apps now AU$5.49 (was AU$5.91)
US$9.99 apps still AU $10.49