Lawsuit: Sony laid off security staff before data breach

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Credits: Timothy Tsui/Flickr (CC)

According to a class action lawsuit, Sony fired off its network security staff just weeks before the massive PlayStation Network security breach that crippled its network and ignored previous hacks that demonstrated holes in its security.

The lawsuit accuses Sony of negligence, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and violating the the Electronic Communications Privacy Act by not having adequate security for protecting its customer data. It also cites several former employees as witnesses, who were employed before getting the red slip in March of this year.

After suffering the massive outage, Sony has been hacked more than 13 websites and some have resulted in data theft.

The class action was brought by a trio of Sony customers, two of whom were members of the PlayStation Network at the time of the security breach, while another was a member of another Sony property – Sony Pictures – and had his information made public by LulzSec.