Tip: How to know if your email account has been hacked (Updated)

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Image: Stewart Wilson/techgeek.com.au

Since hacking seems to be part of everyday now, there has never been a real way to check if your email account has been hacked – until today. A Sydney-based security researcher, Daniel Grzelak has developed a website which allows people to check if their email accounts have been compromised.

The website uses a number of sources to search through and if it finds a match, it will let you know. Grzelak has integrated around 800,000 email addresses into the website, which where taken from 13 databases exposed by Lulzsec.

Check out the site https://shouldichangemypassword.com/ to see if your email account has been hacked. However, you can go to http://www.hacknotifier.com to sign up for a subscription based check ($9.95 USD) which will notify you if your email address ends up on a hacked list.