Sony releases teaser for new tablets

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While there are many tablets coming out soon, can they finally end Apple’s dominance? Sony thinks so, and has released a teaser trailer for its upcoming Sony Tablets – using trains, metallic balls and one Rube Goldberg machine.

Though while Sony has previously announced that these aren’t the final designs, turns out the trailer confirms that these are the final designs for the tablets. So, what you see is what you will get, except for the S2 – which appears to have a much smoother curve, but then again, lighting makes it hard to determine.

The video, which you can find after the jump, is one episode of a five-part story called “Two will” – because, yes, you can make a five-part story about of showing a simple video about the damn tablets. This one is dubbed “The First Impression”.

Hopefully, we will get a review unit of it.