Distribute.IT hacked and down

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Distribute.IT, an Australian wholesale domain registrar, has had their network hacked into and brought down last Saturday afternoon in a “very deliberate, coordinated and malicious attack.”

The details of all their clients, including us here at techgeek.com.au, have been breached leaving thousands of domains open to potential hijacking. It should be noted that visitors data for techgeek.com.au have not been retrieved.

There have been no details released yet on how the hackers gained entry into Distribute.IT’s system but the attackers knew what they were looking for, destroying the drive header files, which is how they were able to maximize the impact on Distribute.IT’s network.

According to Distribute.IT’s blog, most of the VDS/dedicated server’s are up and running now. The shared servers Hurricane, Drought, Blizzard and Cyclone still remain down with no definitive ETA on when they will be brought online again. Their registry system is still down despite the ETA of 24/48 hours given on Thursday morning. This is due to their preparation of the servers to “normal client functionality.” It has also been noted that if you have any urgent domain renewal requests, contact [email protected]

Distribute.IT stated yesterday morning that once all their clients are back online, they will be “in a better position” to release more in-depth press release regarding the nature of the incident and their future plans.

Disclaimer: Tom Solari is an employee of AlfaHosts, who has a relationship with Distribute.IT.