It’s official – Microsoft dominates two-thirds of IM market

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Microsoft HQIt’s now official. Microsoft now controls two-thirds of the worldwide instant messaging market share – thanks to its acquisition of Skype, according to a brand new report from security analysis firm OPSWAT.

Microsoft’s famed Windows Live Messenger has a market share of 40.67%, while just-bought Skype controls 27.39% of the worldwide IM share. With Yahoo Messenger controlling 15.11% of the market, the three of them now control 80% of the market.

Why is the latter statistic important? Well, Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger can now interact with each other.

Google, however, comes in fifth with 3.56% of the worldwide market; while ICQ and AIM have 2.01% and 0.73% shares respectively.

Remember, these numbers are worldwide numbers. OPSWAT has not broken down the numbers per region. In addition, they only take into account the number of clients, so Facebook are exempt from this number. However, it does give an insight to how many accounts and how many people are actively using the service.

However, it does show that Microsoft’s success is heavily reliant on its past. How do you think Hotmail still remains to be the number one mail provider? Windows Live has started to compete strongly with SkyDrive – with 25GB of storage for free, among other services. But is this enough to help Windows Live to continue being strong, or is it better that all of them are individual?