Rumour Mill: Microsoft launching own Windows 8 tablet?

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Well, well, well. The first time we use Rumour Mill on a Microsoft product. According to vendors from Taiwan, Microsoft might be launching its own Windows 8 tablet by the end of 2012, with their assistance and Texas Instruments.

The news comes from Digitimes, which has a miss-hit track ratio, so you should view this with a grain with salt. While it is unusual for Microsoft to adopt this method, it could set a benchmark for its partners to achieve or even better.

“Microsoft has been seeking business opportunities outside of PC-related markets and is aggressively launching own-brand products, Xbox 360 is currently the only own-brand product line that Microsoft has achieved success, while Zune media player, Kin smartphone and own-brand TVs all had unsatisfactory performance,” the article said.

It’s not the first time Microsoft has adopted its own thing rather than going to its partners – such as the ill-fated KIN. It’s also won’t be the first time Redmond has experimented with tablets. The company’s Courier project had two tablet screens attached at a side. The company ditched the project after one of its chief architects left the company.