Gadgetlyst Bytes 5: Cupcakes, Windows 8 and a Fight

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A $25 computer, Microsoft is making more money from Android and we find out Terence is a Nintendo fanboy and duels Chris over the Nintendo 3DS. All this and a tad bit more in this month’s edition of Gadgetlyst Bytes.

This month’s edition sees the return of Terence filling in for Stewart and Chris joining us. Wait, what? I thought we have two people only? Are we changing the format? You’ll have to listen and find out.

See you next month!


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Show Notes

The Stories

This is Windows 8

Dell announces new XPS 15z, thin 15-inch laptop

$25 USB sized computer

Sony security woes continue, Lebanese hacker leaks more details

U.N. Report: Internet is a basic human right

Army Testing iOS And Android Devices For Combat

Android makes Microsoft more money than Windows Phone

MI6 hackers hit terrorist website with cupcakes


Tom: $25 USB sized computer

Terence: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Edition 3DS

Chris: BlackBerry Torch 2 gets previewed yet again, still not official