TECHGEEK Weekly 47: Now, You Can Panic

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A panic-riddled episode where we discuss the ongoing security woes from Sony (twice) and the reverberations it has with many other sites joining the list. We also talk about how your phone is giving you cancer and how not to get an iPad – by selling your organs.

Terence, Tom and Chris take the show this week, while Stewart (your usual host) now has to live with the slight change in format.

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(Editor Note: We do really want to hear which format do you like, Stewart’s brand new one or the this one)


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Show Notes

The Top Stories

Sony security woes continue, Lebanese hacker leaks more details

Hackers target Sony, Nintendo and FBI partner Web site

Group claims fresh hack of 1 million Sony accounts

Hackers Broaden Their Attacks

MI6 Hacked Al Qaeda Website, Swapping Bomb Recipes With Cupcake Recipes

China rejects Google allegation of massive hacking breach as ‘fabrication’

PSN “fully restored” today – PlayStation Store returns!

WHO: Cell phones may cause cancer

Hold the Panic on Cell Phones and Cancer

This is Windows 8

Pwnage Playtime

Angry Birds to come to your TV screen

Xbox LIVE to go Diamond – live subscription TV, to debut at E3

Updated: Sony’s Welcome Back Program is Live

In Other News

Apple holding conference for iCloud, iOS 5 and Mac OS X Lion on June 7 (AEST)

iCloud cost pegged at $25 per year, all 4 major labels signed

Elop: Symbian will be updated “at least” until 2016

HTC officially dissolves locked bootloader policy

HTC’s bootloader decision: what does it mean?

Screenshots of Twitter’s New Photos Product


Facebook Seeks Contract, E-Mails in ‘Scam’ Ownership Suit

U.N. Report: Internet is a basic human right

Kid Sells Kidney for iPad 2, Regrets Transaction

Tom’s Stockings

Majority of Kids Would Rather Lose Their Sense of Smell Than Lose Facebook

Mac OS update detects, deletes MacDefender ‘scareware’

OUCH! Only 29% Of Microsoft Employees Approve Of Steve Ballmer

Judge orders Malaysian man to tweet apology… 100 times

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