Angry Birds to come to your TV screen

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First it was on your phone, then it became an application of your desktop, and (now) in your web browser. Fans of Angry Birds, get ready to experience it on a very, very big screen – your television. The company has announced that it will partner with Roku in order to provide such experience to their loyal fanbase.

For Roku, which is a DVR that also allows you to receive content from the internet from services such as Hulu and Netflix, the partnership with Rovio – the makers of Angry Birds – marks the expansion of the box to move away from online content to casual games. Roku has also confirmed that it is talking to several other providers in order to create its own little gaming portal.

In addition, Roku will launch a video channel featuring some animated shorts, and sell Angry Birds merchandise via the Roku Channel Store.

I can now see Chris Southcott is fuming when he sees Angry Birds on his screen.