It’s official, Apple Store 2.0 is here

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Credits: Mac Prices Australia

Well, it’s now official. The project known as “Apple Store 2.0” is officially out, and don’t worry – it doesn’t bring a drastic overhaul of the store. No, it just uses their iPad to pretty much replace the old paper card that tells you about the product.

As seen above, thanks to Mac Prices Australia, bringing the iPad as a way to show off some of the detail inside of a product allows more information to be displayed in little amount of space (especially when you can swipe up, down or click on a new section).

Additionally, you don’t have to have to wait for an Apple specialist to come over to you. There is a new “Specialist” button that will call them over to you – think of it like an airplane call button when you require something.

Source: Mac Prices Australia