Mortal Kombat DLC: Skarlet

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It has been about a month after the release of Mortal Kombat, and there are many rumours going around regarding DLC, and console-exclusive characters. There will definitely be DLC coming out soon which may contain 3 MK characters in the series. It is unknown which characters are going to be released first but through the hacking of the game, Skarlet a.k.a the Lady in Red will definitely be one of the 3 characters in the first line-up of DLCs.

In the original trilogy, many characters were created through glitches and secrets and one of these characters, Skarlet, was created through a coding glitch in Mortal Kombat II.¬†While she was not apart of the original storyline, Skarlet can be seen throughout story mode, as well as in the background of some Arenas (ShaoKahn’s Coliseum)
In the Mortal Kombat Wiki and seen in a number of Youtube Videos, Skarlet appears to be a red ninja who uses knives and daggers in her move-set, as well as having the power to manipulate blood. (Pretty weird right?)

Here is a list of characters that are rumoured to be DLC characters:
Fujin – his name was heard in the character selection screen through hacking
Havik – was seen in Noob Saibot’s Arcade Ending