CIVIL WAR: Anonymous splinter group takes down forums

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Anonymous Flag (Image: Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons)

Anonymous, known for their attacks on Scientology and on the Australian Government, has had its forums – the very method it uses to communicate with its other members – taken down by a splinter group, with a rouge member seizing their sites.

According to Thinq, the breakaway group could be responsible to the attacks on Sony PlayStation Network and Sony Online Entertainment servers. It should be noted that the organisation itself has denied responsibility.

In an interview, the leader of the spliter group “Ryan” – a former admin – said the reason to shut down the forums was because the it was becoming too centralised, with the site’s admins “crossed the barrier, involving themselves in a leadership role”

As of now, several people of the site have urged people not to go on to the sites:

We would STRONGLY ADVISE all users to STAY AWAY from and, and they should be considered COMPROMISED. Using or connecting to any service on those addresses may put your computer, and by extension your person, at risk.