Rumour Mill: iPhone 5 to feature new shape?

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Just before Easter hits around the corner, there is a new rumour out there that claims that Apple will release a brand new shell design for the iPhone 5 that could be more like its sister product, the iPod touch, and could have a “teardrop shape”.

The shape, according to Joshua Topolsky from This is My Next, is said to be along the lines of the MacBook Air design. His source also claims that the home button will be enlarged, and the screen will be extended to fit near the edge. Also rumours have emerged that Apple could drop the screen pixel density to 312ppi (pixels per inch) from 326ppi, or even as far as 288ppi – the latter unable to be classified as “Retina Display” – but with a 4-inch display.

Of course, the image above is a mock-up (provided by the site). But this is one of the many rumours all over the web about the phone, so get ready to expect more (and even contradictory) rumours.