More images surface on Windows 8

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More images from the leaked early build of Windows 8 have started to emerge, with many features still hidden in its core – and can be revealed if you managed to deep digger. The latest is that of a much-needed update to Task Manager. What?

Task Manager, or that thing that pops up (or used to) when you press Ctrl-Alt-Del, has relatively stayed the same from edition to edition. There have been some minor tweaks, in order to adapt to new cores on processors, but its the same design year-in and year-out.

Windows 8 is bringing a stop to it, with a brand new design – with this new image taken by NaiveUser.

It appears to have simplified many of the tasks, with “Programs” taking the task of three different sections in the current Task Manager – with now easier separation between Applications and Programs running in the background. It also comes with a new way to end processes, now with a big red button rather than a button on the bottom of the list saying “End Process”.

Expect more leaks to come out now. Windows 8 is said to be heading for a 2012 or 2013 release date, which is relative to Microsoft’s current schedule of releasing new versions of its OS.