Upgrade your HTC 7 Mozart Space

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If you like me, who has a HTC 7 Mozart, lots of music, pictures and podcasts, you’ll quickly find out that 8GB of space really isn’t enough. Due to the limitations of Windows Phone 7, it’s currently impossible to add additional space to your phone by a Micro-SD card or similar. However, thanks to a brave individual, it turns out your 8GB storage is simply a Micro-SD card buried deep in the device. You can simply dismantle the phone, replace the card and extra space is available to use. Check out the guide after the break.

WARNING: This will void your warranty. HTC will not repair your phone if you damage it by using this guide. techgeek.com.au is not responsible for damage to your phone.

Guide is available here: http://lifeinthefastlaneok.wordpress.com/2010/11/07/new-htc-7-mozart-sd-card-memory-upgrade/