Windows Phone 7 SDK to include multi-tasking, Camera API

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Windows Phone 7 users will be excited by this news (I know Stewart will), as Microsoft has announced an update to its application development toolkit for the mobile OS, which will include access to the Camera API and multi-tasking.

While the iOS has these features, multi-tasking was only available since version 3.0, so it’s nice to see Microsoft pushing this out. Other additions to the toolkit include deeper integration with the OS, so phones can now take advantage of Live Tiles, something that has only been previously available to the core applications; and also access to the Motion Sensor library – allowing apps to build augmented reality experiences in combination with the camera.

Also announced is that Angry Birds and Plants vs Zombies will also now have a version available for Windows Phone 7 users, while other companies will soon produce their own applications to take advantage of the new APIs, such as Qantas with their new application to manage their flight status.