TECHGEEK Weekly 40: Sizzling in Bacon

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Forty episodes in, and apparently nothing has changed. This episode, we examine why PS3 fanboys hate Anonymous, Telstra getting some brand new phones and bacon, as a perfume? Get ready for one of the most tripping episodes of TECHGEEK Weekly ever.

We also find why Armenia had its internet cut because of an old lady, and Minecraft has a release date!

James is back for another episode, while Stewart makes his long awaited return. So don’t forget to subscribe and download!

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Top Stories

Dell Australia affected by global data breach, customer details stolen

Hacking of data firm Epsilon exposes customers of 50 firms

Epsilon breach used four-month-old attack

“Anonymous” attacks Sony to protest PS3 hacker lawsuit

PlayStation websites, PSN suffer outage: Anonymous claims responsibility, Sony claims ‘sporadic maintenance’

Anonymous Splinter Group Targeting Sony Employees

Telstra to get Motorola Atrix, Xperia Play and Xoom Tablet?

Coming to Telstra starting mid-April: Samsung Galaxy Ace, Motorola XOOM, Motorola Atrix, Sony Ericsson Xperia Play & more

Pwnage Playtime

NGP launch unaffected by quake after all

Next Burnout Game leaked by Australian Classification Board

Minecraft Has An Official Release Date

Stewart’s Briefs (1)

Spot the fail!

Twitter tries turning #newtwitter off and back on again

Intel Unveils 10-Core Xeon Processors

In Other News

Motorola Xoom A Flop, Just 100,000 Sold So Far

Motorola Xoom (and Atrix) Not Zooming Off Shelves

Windows 8 to integrate Ribbon, Metro UI?

Google bids $900 million for Nortel patent portfolio, will use it as shield against patent trolls

SB Nation Wins Tech Publishing Fantasy Draft; Signs Engadget Team

IT’S OFFICIAL: AOL Fires Freelancers*

Pensioner in Georgia cuts Armenia off from internet

Vatican magazine says hackers do God’s work

The sizzling smell of bacon… now a perfume?

In The Loop

White iPhone Removed from Apple Inventory Database

Sony CEO tips Apple built-in camera plans, iPhone 5 delay possible?

Untethered iOS 4.3.1 jailbreak is out, supports all devices except iPad 2 and Verizon iPhone

Stewart’s Briefs (2)

HTC Desire solves dodecahedron Rubik’s Cube, will blow your mind

Software firm wants naked web coders

Google’s Gmail Motion Prank Turned Into Reality