The sizzling smell of bacon… now a perfume?

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You must think we must be pulling your leg, but sadly (or not) it is true. Perfume maker Fargginay has created the bacon-smelling perfume, so those addicted to the sizzling smell can now wear it every day.

According to the maker, each bottle has a slight smell of bacon with 11 popular essential oils. It will come in two smells – Classic (spicy maple) and Gold (citrus), both at US$36. And the perfumes can be used by both men, women and vegans. Apparently, it was created accidentally by John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher, and was used to elevate his customer’s mood with a secret recipie. However, a fire in 1924 destroyed his business and the formula.

You can get the perfume from its website.