FaceTime for Mac exits beta, will cost you $1.19 [u]

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Mac users will be happy to know that FaceTime for Mac – the tool to allow you to communicate with your friends who happen to also have another Mac product or iPhone/iPod touch – is now out of beta. But typical Apple, the finished version will cost you.

Don’t worry, it’s not bad. It will cost you AUD $1.19 – or in the Apple Store currency converter equivalent of US $0.99. However, it’s a small price to pay to use a service that is meant to be free – heck, even it’s free on the iPhone. Well, there’s a tad exception. The new MacBook Pros will not incur the charge. Damn the Apple!

James Wilson adds: The reason for the apparent rip-off charge is due to US Regulatory Requirements. Noted by MacRumors, Apple has added the charge for a free service owing to reason that:

While Macs have long included iChat video capabilities similar in many respects to FaceTime, Apple and its accounting advisors clearly believe that a public release of FaceTime software for existing Macs represents a substantial new feature addition for which the company is required to either charge a small fee or restate its past earnings to retroactively delay recognition of a tiny slice of revenue from each past machine sale.

This situation is likened to when Apple released a $2 update to unlock 802.11n Wireless capabilities on Macs that had the hardware, but not the software.

You can download FaceTime 1.0 now at the Mac App Store.