Microsoft to release Kinect for Windows SDK

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Well, unusual for many reasons, Microsoft has allowed people to hack the Kinect for its own uses – and we’ve seen marvellous results from that. But it was very limited to the camera itself. Now, Microsoft has decided to open up even further with the release a SDK for Kinect to be used for Windows.

The new SDK will allow both researchers and enthusiasts to access core pieces of the Kinect system, including audio, application programming interfaces and even direct control of the camera.

“Supporting this community and enabling creativity around natural user interfaces (NUI) is important to us, and our hope is that this SDK will ignite further creativity in an already vibrant ecosystem of enthusiasts. We are very excited by this announcement, Microsoft said in a blog post.

“Not only does it showcase our investment in this important technology trend, but it ensures that people have the tools they desire to revolutionize how people interact with technology.”

The SDK will be available for non-commercial uses and is expected to be out in Spring this year (our Autumn).