New iPad rumours emerge – iPad 3, iPad mini?

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RUMOUR MILL: Screw the iPad 2 rumours, we have iPad 3 rumours.

Yes, even before we had the actual iPad 2 – and who knows when that will be out – the web is speaking about rumours about version 3 that could have a retina screen and another product that could be the size in between the original iPad and the iPod touch.

According to an analyst talking to AppleInsider, it is purported that the iPad 3 Retina Display will feature FFS (fringe-field switching), meaning that it would be able to be clear even under direct sunlight, and resolution would be 2048×1536 – substantially larger than the current one.

And why isn’t the iPad 2 not getting it? Well, according to the analyst: “making a high resolution and bright IPS/FFS panel is not easy and the production volume and cost couldn’t meet Apple’s requirements.”

As well, the company might be planning an “iPad mini” device, that would act as a in-between device between the iPod touch and the existing iPad. However, it might not be under the iPad, but the iPod brand and could feature a screen between 5-7 inches.

Well, since this is the iPad 3 rumour, expect more somewhere next year.