Google adds 12 new formats to Docs Viewer – Photoshop, Pages, Excel files now supported

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Google’s Docs Viewer quickly allows users to view attachments to see what they are before downloading the file. Only one problem: it was only limited to PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. But now, Google has announced the support of 12 new file formats.

The document viewer will now be able to support Excel spreadsheets (.XLS and .XLSX), PowerPoint presentations from Office 2007 and 2010 (.PPTX), Apple Pages documents (.PAGES) and files from Adobe Photoshop (.PSD), Adobe Illustrator (.AI), and Autodesk AutoCAD (.DXF).

Other file formats include the XML Paper Specification (.XPS), TrueType font files (.TTF), PostScript files (.EPS and .PS) and SVG graphics.

The addition of Excel, and support for the Office Open XML version of PowerPoint presentations means that the majority of Office documents can now be read. As well, the support for Apple Pages documents paves the way for Google to add more Apple Wors documents