Dell Tablet Roadmap leaked – Four Android, Two Windows tablets coming

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Dell’s foray into tablets is soon to get even bigger with at least six new tablets – two Windows 7 tablets and four Android tablets – coming soon this year, after a leaked image of Dell’s entire roadmap for its tablets lineup was posted on the internet.

Leaked by Android Central, the roadmap reveals that Dell should release the Gallo, Sterling, Silver Oak and Opus One – all four tablets will run Android 3.0 Honeycomb. Gallo is expected to be out by Q2, Sterling by Q4 and Opus One and Silver Oak by next year. It should be noted that an upgrade to the Gallo will allow it to have Handwriting capabilities sometime after Q3 2011.

Windows tablets are also getting some Dell love with the Rosemount and Peju. While the Rosemount is to get a 1366×768 screen running Windows 7 and to be out before the end of Q2, nothing else is known. The Peju, however, is noted there to have a Windows 8 OS, but that could be a typo. Peju is expected to be out sometime next year.

We’ll keep our eye on these products.