Canadian Govt attacked by foreign hackers – IPs traced to China

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Image: chispita_666/Flickr

Canada has been the target of a cyberattack that could have given highly sensitive federal information to foreign nationals and has taken off two key financial departments of the Internet since early January, according to CBC News.

The attack, first detected in early January, has resulted in both the Finance Department and Treasury Board in order to prevent any more information stolen from their networks, with the counter-espionage agency all scrambling to determine other networks affected and how much sensitive data taken. Internet is being slowly restored to the affected department.

Apparently, the hackers managed to take control of the network via senior government officials as part of a scheme to unlock government data systems via stealing key passwords.

Sources tell CBC News that the IP addresses trace back to China. Only problem is that IP addresses are not a definite source of pin-pointing someone, as many other foreign hackers use China as a mask to cover their actual IP address. However, this does not leave the possibility of a Chinese-based hack.

Canada isn’t the only target for Chinese-based attacks, with McAfee reporting that hackers from China have stolen sensitive data about oil companies in the United States, Taiwan, Greece and Kazakhstan since November 2009; and Google claimed that it was attacked by China in January 2010 – forcing it to shut down operations and move to Hong Kong.