APNIC orders last of available IPv4 addresses

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Today the Number Resource Organisation (NRO) announced the final remaining blocks of IPv4 addresses. One /8 block containing 16.5 million IP addresses as divided equally amount the world’s five regions. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority’s (IANA) store of unallocated IPv4 address space is now fully and completely depleted and remaining the unallocated regional free pools.

APNIC have two remaining /8 blocks which will be allocated to people under current criteria, however, only people who demonstrate a need for IP addresses will be accepted. No stocking of IP addresses will be allowed. APNIC Director General Paul Wilson said, “Strict allocation policies are in place to ensure IP addresses are available to those with a demonstrated need. However, the Asia Pacific community is consuming vast amounts of address space as it fuels growth across the region. It is APNIC’s duty to manage the available address space responsibly and equitably for the benefit of everyone in the Asia Pacific.”

APNIC predicts that the last two /8 blocks it has will last approx. 6 – 8 months.