New Samsung concept does real-time translations

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Meeting people from another country is great and all, but we all want to converse in our own language – I might prefer English rather than speaking in Japanese as I am not as fluent when speaking the latter language. Well, Samsung’s concept is attempting to bridge that language barrier that claims to have real-time translation of the conversation.

What’s even more interesting is that it will feature, according to Samsung’s blog post about the concept, a translucent AMOLED display, so that both sides can converse and still see each other, rather than a big tablet in between the two. But, of course, the other focus is the fact that it will translate in real time – posing questions such as are the translations accurate, or even will it get confused by outside noise.

Do remember that it is a concept, and that it most likely could never see the light of day. Though, Samsung is eagerly awaiting a way to release this to the mass market as, according to Ubergizmo, “Samsung Mobile Display claiming that this product can be mass produced in due time.”

We’ll keep our fingers crossed.