IPv4 reaches exhaustion phase, Asia Pacific to recieve last two IP blocks

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It’s official. IPv4 is nearing the end of its address range after APNIC, who handles the Asia Pacific region’s IPv4 addresses (such as Australia’s IP address range), received the last two available IP blocks were allocated to them.

The blocks (also known as /8 blocks) contain the ranges of 39.x.x.x and 106.x.x.x. This will then trigger IANA’s Exhaustion Policy, with the final five blocks of IPv4 addresses will then be given to each regional internet registry. After that is done, then it officially ends the allocation of IPv4 addresses.

APNIC is expecting normal allocation will last between three and six months before it places strict rules on who is allocated IP addresses from them. Reaching that stage of allocation, ISPs will only be able to purchase one block of addresses within APNIC’s final lot – known as a /16 block. One /16 block will be left unallocated and reserved for future use in order to allow the transition to IPv6.

When the final five will be allocated to the regional internet registries is unknown at this stage.

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