Angry Birds to create licensed spinoff for movie

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Finnish app developer and creator of the popular (and certainly addictive) mobile game Angry Birds, Rovio is to partner with Twentieth Century Fox to create a licensed version for the upcoming movie RIO – called Angry Birds RIO.

The game will see the original Angry Birds kidnapped and taken to the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil where they escape and set out to save their friends Blu and Jewel, both the lead characters in the film. Gameplay, however, is to be the same as the original, and will feature 45 dedicated levels with updates to constantly keep you hooked on the game, again like the original.

The move to licensed versions is similar to how Tap Tap Revolution – another popular iPhone game – has done in recent years, creating versions for particular bands.

The game is expected to be out in March. Rovio has also published a video that acts as a preview of the storyline for Angry Birds RIO, and that can be found after the jump.